About Us

Hi, my name is Rita, founder and owner of BeYOUtifully Comfortable!

Welcome to a dream born from my own journey of self-discovery and a passion for empowering women of all sizes. As a woman who has faced the challenges of being on the heavier side, the emotional toll of not finding trendy and comfortable clothes was profound. I yearned for a space where beauty transcended size, and that's how BeYOUtifully Comfortable came to life.

In a world that often forgets the beauty in every shape, BeYOUtifully Comfortable stands as a haven for women, offering a diverse range of sizes from small through 5XL. I understand firsthand the struggles of not feeling 'beautiful enough' due to clothing limitations. That's why I created this one-stop-shop, ensuring that every woman, regardless of her size or shape, can confidently embrace her beauty.

Our mission is to redefine beauty standards by curating a collection that celebrates individuality. We know that comfort is non-negotiable, so each piece in our inventory is not only stylish but also designed for ultimate comfort. Be it clothing, accessories, or any item in our selection – we want you to feel comfortable and empowered to express yourself.

On a personal note, I'm a simple woman with a heart full of gratitude. Married to an amazing man for 18 years, I'm a breast cancer survivor of 17 years. As a stepmother to three wonderful adults and a caregiver to my father, family holds a special place in my heart.

Beyond BeYOUtifully Comfortable, I find joy in the simple things – whether it's indulging in my passion for cross-stitching, cherishing moments with family and friends, or taking moments to relax and prioritize self-care. I understand the importance of embracing life's comforts and believe that every woman deserves to feel both beautiful and comfortable in her own skin.

Thank you for joining me on this empowering journey. Let's redefine beauty together at BeYOUtifully Comfortable!