Day In A Life Of A Busy Woman- How To Schedule Your Day & Keep Your Sanity

Day In A Life Of A Busy Woman- How To Schedule Your Day & Keep Your Sanity

Being a woman in today's world can be hectic, hard, and emotionally draining!! We balance so many things- Work, kids, husband (significant other), home, pets, and then some... right?? Stop stressing- and start planning! I know, I know- that too is time consuming... I get it!! Once you create a routine and do this let's just say, every Sunday evening, you will be ready for your week without any issues or stresses.

Let's start with a simple checklist. What are your personal daily routines? What needs to get done? What do you want to get done? Separate the 2 by needs and wants, and then start utilizing the checklist. Using the checklist itself will be included in your routine!! In the long run, it will help you if you stay on top of it!

How Checklists Can Help You

    • Minimizes mistakes when you’re doing repetitive tasks.
    • Makes it easier to determine activities or tasks you can delegate.
    • Increases your productivity.
    • Keeps you motivated. Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction after you’ve crossed an item off your checklist. This usually encourages you to accomplish even more.
    • Increases creativity by clearing up headspace to allow you to focus on the more important stuff.
    Daily Schedule- Blank

From your checklist, create your weekly schedule. Use a calendar, Alexa, Google, or whatever else will help you get the jobs done. I personally use a combination of the 2. I create my checklist, transfer it to my calendar, and set my Google up for reminders. My most used Google reminders are to switch laundry and start dinner. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten so caught up in work, my hubby walks in the door, and I haven't even started dinner yet. Guess leftovers or carry out it is.... Not healthy at all!! I knew I had to start making changes, and slowly my checklists and schedules are becoming a daily routine that I can trust in and work with, without feeling stressed!

So many of these checklists and daily schedules can be printed free online!! I used to use these, but now, as I said above, I use a calendar that goes with me everywhere, and Google to get me through all my days. What do you, or what will you use? How do you deal with your daily work and home schedule?

Work-Life Balance

Make sure you make time for you too!! This is so important, so you don't burn out. Go have coffee with friends, get a pedi and a mani, come do some shopping with BeYOUtifully Comfortable!! No matter what you decide to do for yourself, it's important to take that time to clear your mind and soul. 

You have been doing this a while now, so no doubt you got this! If you feel yourself burning out though, it may be time to either create, or look over your daily routine! We all are amazing, strong, resilient women with a headstrong work ethic, we sometime just need to prioritize and remember to take care of ourselves too. If we burn out, then everyone in our life is screwed- so don't burn out!! YOU GOT THIS!!! 


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